Tough Love Editing Services

Beta Reading – $5 per 1000 words

Beta reading is a general overview of your novel. I approach the novel as a reader with the knowledge of a writer. If I question something that’s in your novel then your reader will too. Some of the things I’m looking for are:

  • Realistic Characters and motivations
  • Smooth, readable prose
  • Plot that proceeds in a logical and appropriate pace

You’ll get a report that lists the problem spots as well as the places I felt you did really well.

Developmental Editing – $10 per 1000 words

Development edits include everything above but are more in-depth. I go over your manuscript and mark where the problem spots are, and then when warranted, make actionable suggestions for improvements.

This is not a copy edit. I do not address grammar and spelling. I deal strictly with story structure, character development and plot pacing, among others.

You’ll get the overall report as well as a notated manuscript.

Be a Success

I want your book or story to succeed! It’s easy to get lost in your story, to not be able to see it’s faults and missteps. Getting a second set of eyes on it before you release it to the world is the best way to make sure your story is the best it can be.

And it’s not just that–I love doing this kind of work. I love to see the way people’s minds work and bring stories to life using their own unique voice.

Let me help you bring out the best in your manuscript!