Fan Fiction based on Jennifer Armentrout‘s Lux series.


Someone is murdering young women on the campus of Salt Lake Community College where Charlotte and her roommate, Quinn, attend school. Concerned for their safety, Quinn’s brother, Quentin, moves in with the best friends. A lifetime of being an independent woman with a disability leaves Charlotte less than impressed with Quentin’s bossy ways regardless of how unbelievably good looking he is or how much she finds herself attracted to him. But spending so much time with the siblings and a chance encounter with a beautiful but dangerously strange man, Theo, soon thrusts Charlotte into a world she could never have been prepared for — a world of aliens, secret government agencies, Native American mysticism, and two men competing for her heart. Except Theo doesn’t plan on playing by the rules and makes it clear that he must possess Charlotte at any cost, including destroying the people she loves most. It will take her own unique abilities, courage, ingenuity and love for the siblings to defend against someone whose powers are beyond comprehension.