Dragonriders of Pern

Fan fiction written based on the works of Anne McCaffrey‘s Pern book series.

Free to Fly

Never in the history of Pern has a disabled person been Searched, yet that is exactly what happens to Missa. Legs useless since she was small, her fate as a dragonrider and as a capable young woman hang in the balance at this unprecedented Hatching.
The events of this story take place around the time of The White Dragon. I stay true to Anne’s canon with one exception – the exploration of what would happen if a disabled person Impressed a dragon.

Forged in Flame

Missa, rider to green dragon, Apeth, was Searched as a teen to become the first disabled person to Impress a dragon. She loves being a dragonrider but chafes at the restrictions put on her by weyrleader, K’van. She’s accepted her unique contributions to the weyr but never thought she’d find love. A chance encounter with a young journeyman smith and Missa discovers a part of herself she never knew existed and never thought she’d have. But distance and her insecurities may come between the lovers. Can Missa find it in herself to overcome jealousy, accept her body as it is and take the love freely offered before she destroys it all?

Never Let You Fall

J’nis, wingleader and bronzerider at Southern Weyr, was rejected by Missa (Free to Fly and Forged in Flame) two Turns ago, and he’s been casual about his relationships since then. Until he meets apprentice healer, Kirsa, after a terrible Threadscore. She turns his world upside down in the best way–she’s lovely, kind, and ambitious. But she’s also secretive and, despite her obvious attraction to J’nis, keeps him at arm’s length. Her past and present are set to collide when J’nis finds someone is stalking Kirsa but she refuses to let him help her. Her worst fears are about to be realized. Will J’nis be able to shield her or her fears cause her to fall before he can do anything to prevent it?