Always Faithful

Love, Forgiveness and Dress Blues

Ten years ago Paige Ellis broke Caleb Watson’s heart when she turned down his marriage proposal. Heartbroken and angry, Caleb left to join the United States Marine Corps. Now Caleb’s twin and Paige’s best friend, Alisa is getting married, and she sets her heart on getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. Which is great! Except it also means Caleb will be back in town.

While Paige and Alisa scramble to put together a last-minute wedding, Paige and Caleb have to come to terms with all the reasons they wanted to get married in the first place, and all the reasons they didn’t. Paige’s principal goal, besides getting Alisa married, is to ask for Caleb’s forgiveness for the way they parted, but there may not be time. Because once Caleb goes back to Florida, he may never be back.

Always Faithful is Book 2 in the Young Single Austen series, bringing together the youth culture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Jane Austen’s classic stories.

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