Breaking Up…with Wattpad.

There are times when the relationship isn’t working. And this applies to my relationship with Wattpad. That’s right. I’m breaking up with Wattpad. I’ve posted my work on that platform for almost two years. I’ve had some really good experiences–some of my most supportive readers came from Wattpad and some really great friendships formed there. But lately, it seems like lately things have been get less about the writing and more about the money.

Never in the history of Pern has a disabled person been Searched, yet that is exactly what happens to Missa. Legs useless since she was small, her fate as a dragonrider and as a capable young woman hang in the balance at this unprecedented Hatching.

When I decided to take my original fiction off Wattpad for the purpose of self-publishing it, all I had left was my fan fiction. You can’t make money off of fan fiction, nor would I want to. It’s enough for me to play in the sandbox of the authors I admire. So the alternative was to post it where it would get the most attention. I’ve considered just posting all my work on my website, but I don’t want it to appear that I’m trying to make money off the fan fiction I write. I write fan fiction for the pure joy of it.

Missa, rider to green dragon, Apeth, was Searched as a teen to become the first disabled person to Impress a dragon. She loves being a dragonrider but chafes at the restrictions put on her by weyrleader, K’van. She’s accepted her unique contributions to the weyr but never thought she’d find love. A chance encounter with a young journeyman smith and Missa discovers a part of herself she never knew existed and never thought she’d have. But distance and her insecurities may come between the lovers. Can Missa find it in herself to overcome jealousy, accept her body as it is and take the love freely offered before she destroys it all?

Archive of our Own is one of the grande dames of the fan fiction world. If you are a fan of something, chances are you’ll find someone who’s written something about it on AO3. The problem is it isn’t the most ideal place, in my opinion, for my fan fiction. The reality is none of these types of fan sites are. There’s too much actual garbage on them and I’m not talking about bad writing or spicy sex scenes. I’m talking garbage just as bad as any NC-17 or porn you’ve ever seen. It’s sad really that people waste their talent. But at the same time, it is a place where one can find gems among the refuse. So for now, we’re giving AO3 a try since it’s whole purpose for existing is to house fan fiction.

J’nis, wingleader and bronzerider at Southern Weyr, was rejected by Missa (Free to Fly and Forged in Flame) two Turns ago, and he’s been casual about his relationships since then. Until he meets apprentice healer, Kirsa, after a terrible Threadscore. She turns his world upside down in the best way–she’s lovely, kind, and ambitious. But she’s also secretive and, despite her obvious attraction to J’nis, keeps him at arm’s length. Her past and present are set to collide when J’nis finds someone is stalking Kirsa but she refuses to let him help her. Her worst fears are about to be realized. Will J’nis be able to shield her or her fears cause her to fall before he can do anything to prevent it?

The transfer is complete and if you’d like to hear the process of my soft editing and adding chapters to AO3, you can find watchable episodes of it on my Twitch channel –

Set the in the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Odette Lise is just another smuggler trying to make a living running weapons and other valuables across the galaxy, and not asking questions. Except she’s not just another smuggler! She’s the adopted daughter of the famed Nico Okarr. One botched job and it will take Odette, Nico, and a farm-fresh co-pilot to find her stolen ship and the contents within it, before Rogun the Butcher finds them first!

I’m also going to take the chance to announce that in addition to the fan fiction I have already, this summer I’ll be adding Labyrinth to my fan fiction family. For those that know me, this probably one of the most inevitable things I’ve ever done. I was that impressionable teenage girl who was totally in love with Jareth, and by default, David Bowie. The story I’ve been developing is a sequel to the movie and it’s going to be fun to write.

Someone is murdering young women on the campus of Salt Lake Community College where Charlotte and her roommate, Quinn, attend school. Concerned for their safety, Quinn’s brother, Quentin, moves in with the best friends. A lifetime of being an independent woman with a disability leaves Charlotte less than impressed with Quentin’s bossy ways regardless of how unbelievably good looking he is or how much she finds herself attracted to him. But spending so much time with the siblings and a chance encounter with a beautiful but dangerously strange man, Theo, soon thrusts Charlotte into a world she could never have been prepared for — a world of aliens, secret government agencies, Native American mysticism, and two men competing for her heart. Except Theo doesn’t plan on playing by the rules and makes it clear that he must possess Charlotte at any cost, including destroying the people she loves most. It will take her own unique abilities, courage, ingenuity and love for the siblings to defend against someone whose powers are beyond comprehension.

With the hospital stay I had recently and how behind I am on everything, there is no official release date yet but stay tuned. Most of the first few chapters are already done so it won’t be too long!

So join me on my AO3 account to keep up to date on all the great fan fiction I’ve written so far!


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