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A Pinterest board for my writing works? But aren’t Pinterest boards for crafts and clothing? Yes, but it’s also a great way to showcase your work as well! Author Pinterest Boards have a lot of utility to bring views to your already published work but also to help advertising upcoming books as well!

pinterest author boards whitney sivill romance author whitneywritesbook
Whitney Write Books Pinterest Boards

The goal is to give your books visual interest as well as a place your readers can go to get more information. Each board was made to showcase a book character or book characters. Then I have boards to show my readers a little about myself.

What Kind of Boards?

Think about things you want your readers to know about your books and yourself. You’re advertising yourself as part of your brand as much as you’re advertising your books.

Let’s list out some of the potential boards you could have:

  • Works in Progress – I have snippets from some of my books, book covers, advertisements for regular things I do like my Whitney Writes a Book live stream I do on Wednesdays. My board cover shows the works I currently have available and the ones that are upcoming
  • Individual Book Boards – You can make an entire board dedicated to one book. Pinterest has sub-boards you can use to split up into individual character profiles. In the above example, my Wattpad books Free to Fly and Forged in Flame are listed together. I didn’t think either needed it’s own board because they’re mostly novella length and their fan fiction of Anne McCaffrey‘s Dragonriders of Pern.
  • Individual Character Boards – For my larger novels on Wattpad, like Sweetwater and Ophelia, and for my upcoming novels, Mansfield 2nd Ward and Always Faithful, each of the characters need their own board. I feature face claims and clothing styles I found on the internet, aesthetic pictures that represent my character or their personality, and pictures that hint towards things that happen to that character in the novel.
  • Author Personality Boards – I have included boards for writing craft and business, but also my favorite movies, books and positive quotes.
  • Useful Boards – two of my most used boards are my Story Inspiration and Gnoshable Nummies board. Both act as a public catch-all for things that are interesting that could be used in my stories, and yummy and quick food I could make when I’m writing. Don’t under-estimate catch-alls. You’ll come across some really cool but not applicable pins for anything else. You’ll want to keep it and these are great for that purpose.
  • Hidden Boards – another great place for catch-alls. I have a Keto food board, a board where I store pins that I might pin somewhere later, and what I call the Junk Drawer, which, well, is basically what it says it is. I put stuff there that I don’t want to lose but don’t want to make a board for.
pinterest author boards whitney sivill romance author whitneywritesbook
My Author, Useful and Hidden Boards

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but if there was one thing I would change, it would be that each book would be a main board and then I would have sub-boards of each of the characters. I’m not worried about it though. The face claims I have for each character creates a visual interest that encourages my readers to click on it and find out more.

Types of Pins

I’ve addressed a few of the types of Pins I post on each of my boards but here are a few more suggestions of Pins you can post:

  • Book Covers
  • Teaser Images
  • Blog Post Pins
  • Book Recommendations
  • “Available Now” pics with links to the book
  • Exclusive Excerpts
  • Chapter One Read Now’s with link
  • Aesthetics Pins for character or setting

Making the Most of your Boards

Pinterest is one big search engine. It’s bread and butter is keywords. So there are a few things I encourage you to do to maximize your Pins ability to be searched by potential readers.

pinterest author boards whitney sivill romance author whitneywritesbook

Strategic Board Names – clearly define the who and the where for each title. In the above example, I have the name of my character and the book she’s from.

Board Descriptions – It sits right below the title in the above picture. This is a great place to not only provide a description of what the board is for but also advertising yourself. Remember – keywords! So you write romance? Say that. Give your author name. List your social media – website, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The links listed will not be clickable but visitors have the ability to copy and paste, so it’s worth it to take the time to fill it out.

The Pins – Most of the pins you’ll be pinning will belong to someone else initially. But there is a way to not only describe why you chose that pin but also keywords to direct people towards your work.

See the below imagine:

pinterest author boards whitney sivill romance author whitneywritesbook

After you’ve saved a Pin to the right board, click on it again. It will bring up the first screen depicted above. Across from the Save button, you’ll notice a pen icon (above circled). Click on that, and it will take you to the second screen. There are a lot of options but the one we’re focused on is the Description field. This is for your copy of the pin for that board. The original description on the pin stays but when someone else looks at the pin in your board they will generally see both descriptions. This is where you want to use keywords to the maximum. For the above pin I’ve written the description “Face claim for Paige from upcoming novel – Always Faithful by WS Deming.” Probably a better idea would be to include the words “romance” and/or “new adult.” Anything listed there will also direct people looking for those kinds of books to my board.

Hashtags – Hashtags are also useful in directing traffic from the Search engine and they work similarly to Instagram or Twitter hashtags.

Board Covers – Board covers can make a Pinterest account look neat and put together, and for any other type of Pinterest board I highly recommend them.

In the case of an author board, you want to highlight things like book covers, character face claims and everything else that makes people want to find out more about the board. Think about it. For my board for PaigeAlways Faithful (pictured above), if I only had the board title and an image of my author logo, I don’t think you’d be very inclined to click on it to find out more. But instead you have “PaigeAlways Faithful” and a picture of a cute, happy girl. I think you’d be more inclined to click on it in that case.

Board covers can be assigned two ways – you upload the image of the board cover you want (sized 222 x 150 px) as a pin in that board, or you pick a picture from a pin already in the board to be the cover.

So say I want to change my board cover for Phillip LaughlinSweetwater from the first cute Clive Standen face claim to the second cute Clive Standen face claim.

pinterest author boards whitney sivill romance author whitneywritesbook

Once you’ve clicked on the board you want to change, there are three small dots on the left-hand side. Click on it and it will give you the Edit option.

Next, you’ll see the original board cover (Pinterest will pick one for you if you don’t specifically assign it when you first create the board). Click on the pen icon. It will take you to a picture carousel like the one in picture three and you can scroll right or left until you find the picture you want. Then it will allow you to adjust the picture so that the part of the picture you want displayed goes inside the box. Save Changes. And done.


As with anything that comes with your marketing your books and self as an author, branding is an important consideration to make when creating your board and deciding which Pins to choose.

There are several really good articles about Author Branding on Pinterest itself (here’s a good one) but what it really boils down to author aesthetic looks, like icons and matching board covers, and choice of board topics and the Pins to go in them.

Aesthetics and Profiles – Make sure to put your logo or other reconginzable icon in your profile pic. Every time you post something to a board it shows up at the bottom of the Pin. Fill out as much information as you can on your Profile. Pinterest is really good about giving you space to put most of your social media information as well as Description boxes everywhere to tell people who you are!

Board covers, if you choose to use matching ones is another really good way of advertising your brand.

Choice of Board and Pin topics – what does your brand stand for? I like romance. I like to write about disability and romance, strong female characters, men that treat their women with respect and love even if they’re not perfect, and strong family ties. So I have a multitude of boards I could make to focus on just those topics alone. And the Pins? I could post Pins for my favorite book and movie heroines, articles on different types of disabilities, pictures of disabled people just living their lives or being with their families, articles on strengthening the family or marriage, or how to raise kids so they don’t drive you crazy. Or even boards of dad jokes or Chicken Soup for the Soul type stories about honorable men and the good they do.

So as you can see, there is a lot of ways to use Author Pinterest Boards to direct traffic to your website, books and give your readers the inside scoop for upcoming novels. Use smart board creation and lots of good looking pictures and you’ll see an increase in your traffic.

What other ways have you found to utilize Pinterest? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

ophelia wattpad whitney sivill romance author whitneywritesbook
Ophelia on Wattpad

And it is done. Ophelia‘s last chapter is finally released and now the novel is complete. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, click on the picture and find out what the fuss is about!

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