July Newsletter

July Newsletter for Whitney Sivill, Author.

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Anna’s fortieth birthday is coming up. The number is messing with her head and Phillip isn’t making anything easier. He wants another baby but what part of “Anna is turning forty” isn’t he understanding? Babies never come at convenient time, especially with such a momentous birthday looming.

Little Trifles is a short story companion work to my novel, Sweetwater. I decided Patreon was dumb for putting everything behind a paywall and Ko-Fi worked better for my sensibilities.

I liked the idea of my readers having the ability, if they felt so inclined, to make one-time donations rather than making them sign up for a subscription service. If you’d like to do that–fantastic! But I suspect that making a one-time donation is a little easier. And I’m only asking throw me the occasional $3 — just enough to by a pair of 20oz Cherry Coke Zeros at the gas station down the street.

Better yet – currently all donations are being saved up to go towards the upload fee for IngramSpark, the self-publishing service I plan on going through.

First Goal
$50 to cover the upload cost of
Mansfield 2nd Ward.
See my Ko-Fi page for more information.

Why them?
IngramSpark is one of the oldest and most respected self-publishing services out there. In addition to allowing me to own my own copyrights and ISBN numbers, they also offer my book in ebook format and print-on-demand paperback copies. In addition, as an author, I can order as many copies of my own book as I want so that I have the ability to sell at conferences, boutiques and even out of my house. And signed, if the purchaser so desires.

They charge a per-book upload fee of $50. Not bad in the grand scheme of things but will add up as the number of books to be included in the Young Single Austen series grows!

Whitney Writes a Book

If you’d rather subscribe or make a donation there’s one other way. On Wednesday nights, I do my live stream “Whitney Writes a Book”.


I have the ability to accept subscriptions and one-time donations in any amount on Twitch.

Tonight at 8pm MST join me on Twitch for this week’s edition. I’ll be editing my book “Always Faithful“, getting it ready to self-publish.

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Join me! See you at 8pm!

Ko-Fi – {The Story Chest}

All the files and stories I had on Patreon are now located on Ko-Fi and are no longer behind a paywall.

This latest post from The Story Chest is called Blind Date Disaster . . . but not for me! It tells the story of my poor friend, Summer*, who went on probably one of the worst blind dates ever. Click on the link to find out what happened.

*All names have been changed except mine to protect the unsuspecting.

Tough Love Beta Reading Service

tough love beta reading service fiverr

I understand how rough it is to find a good beta reader. I understand because it’s one of the things that drove me nuts when I first finished my novels. People just don’t have the time or they offer and then you never hear back from them again. It’s hard to find a decent writing group. I figure I’ll offer my beta reading as a service so that I make the time to read your work and give a fair evaluation. And I don’t price gouge.

Slots fill up fast because of the low fee I charge and the amount of time it takes to read each manuscript to give it the attention it deserves.

Get more information on my Fiverr Gig Page:

Tough Love Beta Reading

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