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I think I always fall a little bit in love with the boys I write about. Each of them has something about him that makes me love him. Meet the character, Justin Wolfe. We get to meet him in both Sweetwater and Ophelia. Justin is the kind, shy, sweet guy that doesn’t attract much attention because he doesn’t put himself out there very much. The thing is, he’d be a great companion for just about anyone, but that wasn’t the point of his character.

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As I mentioned in my Meet the Character—Ophelia Mackey, I needed a man that would make someone free-spirited like Ophelia not only fall in love with him but also inspire a lifelong devotion to him. That was a little harder than I expected because so often people that share similar traits to Ophelia get bored with relationships easily. Justin’s personality was best approached by being the introverted version of Ophelia. He understands her because he likes the same things as she does, but he much more reserved in his expression of them. He’s that guy who loves to sit back and let his significant other take the floor and loves them for all they are.

Justin Wolfe hails from Tampa, Florida. He had a fairly weird upbringing. His mother and father divorced when Justin was just a baby. His father was never in his life and his mother wasn’t exactly the most maternal or nurturing woman. She loves Justin, but she doesn’t isn’t demonstrative in that affection. Their relationship has always been formal, which is why Justin appreciates Ophelia. She is almost everything his mother isn’t. As Justin got older from about teenagerhood on, his mother really didn’t keep tabs on him. She lived her life as she pleased and left Justin to his own devices as soon as he got old enough to take care of himself. Justin could have gone hog-wild in a situation like that and got into a lot of trouble. But his natural introversion kept him out of trouble. He’d much rather being drinking espressos and reading a book at a coffee shop than racing cars or getting into drugs.

justin wolfe ophelia sweetwater romance meet the character

His choice of profession, a physician assistant, came about because unlike his mother, he has a nurturing side to him. He enjoys working with patients, even the irascible ones. He enjoys helping them feel better. And he liked that he didn’t have to do as much school as a PA as a doctor does. He doesn’t particularly like working for the VA, but he’s content to be here for now.

Here are some of Justin’s stats:

  •      Age: At the beginning of the story, 32
  •      Parents: Gloria Wolfe
  •      Siblings: Only Child
  •       Love Interest: Ophelia Mackey
  •       Place of Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah
  •       Occupation: Physician Assistant—general practice

If Justin could be faulted for anything, it is a rush to judgement. Unfortunately, what Phillip told Justin about Ophelia at the beginning of Ophelia had sat and festered in the back of him mind even if he didn’t intend it to. He assumed that when he saw Ophelia with Mike, that everything Phillip had said—her bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend, getting into unhealthy relationships—let him believe the worst. And even more unfortunately, he didn’t allow Ophelia to explain herself. Being from an emotionally stunted family, you could see why Justin is so intent on not getting hurt.

ophelia justin wolfe sweetwater romance meet the character

Here are some of Justin’s other personality traits:

  •          independent
  •          curious
  •          once hurt has a hard time forgiving
  •          easy-going
  •          is afraid of strong emotions

Overall, Justin is a great guy who just has a few hang-ups that keep him at one point from moving forward and nearly costing him his relationship with Ophelia. But that’s life, isn’t it? We can’t all be perfect all the time and he certainly isn’t perfect though if you were to ask Ophelia, she’d probably argue with you that he is.

What about Justin have you come to love? If you could give him any advice for dealing with Ophelia, what would it be? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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