Romance Writing Group

Starting in April, I am heading a writing/critiquing group for those who write in the romance genre called Romance Writers Group. It will be exclusively through Discord. What things will you get as part of this group?


Have you always wanted to ask people to critique your work but have met with a wall of silence? Have you wanted to learn the right way to critique someone else’s work so you not only give them actionable suggestions but learn more about your own writing? There will be classes and critique groups throughout the month focusing on this most important aspect of writing.

Monthly Meet-Ups

Every month we’ll be having a small writing class and then a chance for people to talk about their work, get suggestions, read a piece of their work for the group to critique. As we get bigger, I’d like to invite people who work in the business as guest speakers.

Chat Rooms

There will be text and voice chat rooms. If you just want to be silly or talk to people either is a superb way to build a community and get to know each other as fellow writers.

What We’re Not Doing

Sorry, folks who write erotica, I don’t consider this genre as part of the romance genre and so we won’t be accepting work that is only erotica.

We won’t be accepting work in other genres. If you are writing fantasy-romance, or historical-romance you are still welcome, but any other genres where the main plot of the story is not the romance, then that would be for other writing groups.

We do not discriminate. All sub-types of romance are welcome, including LGTBQ+. However, know that not everyone will read and critique a work that they don’t feel comfortable reading. This also includes Extra Spicy Hot romances. HOWEVER, if it is illegal, it’s not welcome either – adult-child, human-animal, rape fantasies, or any other of this fetish-y story. Please abide by the spice level rules and show trigger elements so that everyone has a pleasant experience.

How to Participate

First, you need to have Discord. It is free and is available on your computer desktop and smartphones.

After you’ve signed up, then fill out the below form and I will send you a link that will allow you to access the group. Read all the posts on the read-first board so you understand the rules.

Introduce yourself on the introduce-yourself board so we can all get to know each other! After that, you can post critique requests or questions.

Group Website

And lastly, for the group calendar, useful forms, knowledge base, meeting minutes, recorded Monthly Meetings and much, much more, visit our group website!

Sign Up Form for Romance Writer’s Group

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