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I started getting serious about getting a book published this last year. One of the most frustrating steps was finding affordable editing services. Soneone that was not only affordable, but had the know-how to make your work better.

I sent out a Twitter post last night as a scream into the void. There’s no way I could ever afford a $1000 plus editing charge for just one 80K book. With four other books that also needed editing, it’s an expense I just couldn’t justify.

The response I got from the Tweet was amazing. Editing services that I never heard of were being recommended. Like all small businesses, it’s hard work to get your name out. As a writer, it’s hard to balance price with quality, especially if you want to go the self-publish route. I wanted to have a place where all of these recommended services were all together.

These editing services were all recommended by people on Twitter in the #writingcommunity. I did a basic search for websites and verified Twitter handles. Beyond that, it’s up to you to find out more information, if you need it.

I will warn you – I take no responsibility for the quality of their work. I do not list out all the services they offer, nor prices they quote. Each one have different price points depending on length, type and depth of editing needing to be done.

Do your due diligence. Be specific about the type of edit you think you need to let them tell you what they can offer you. Read the contracts they send you. Even request a sample edit from them to see if they will do what you need them to.

1. Charlie Knight

Website –
Twitter – @cknightwrites

2. MK Editing LLC

Website –
Twitter – @mkeditingLLC

3. Goddess Fish Promotions

Website –
Twitter – @goddessfish

4. Bambi Sommers

Website –
Twitter – @bambisommers1

5. AJ Ryan

Website –
Twitter – @ajryan04

6. Mary Kit Caelsto

Website –
Twitter – @charmedozarks

7. Tim Koster

Website –
46 Services Entertainment
Twitter – @authortimkoster

8. S.A. Meade

Website –
No Stone Unturned Editing Services
Twitter – @kestrelrising

9. Lily Luchesi

Facebook –
Twitter – @lilyluchesi

10. Mica Scotti Kole

Website –
Twitter – @micascotti

11. Jaime Dill

Website –
Polish and Pitch
Twitter – @jaime_dill

12. Helen Baggott

Website –
Twitter – @selfpubsupport

13. Lindsay

Twitter – @lindseyyarb
DM her on Twitter for quotes

14. Juliette Jones

Website –
Twitter – @juliettejones38

15. Kaki Olsen

Twitter – @kakiocreative
Kaki Olsen Creative

If I have left someone out that you really think I should include, or if you’re an editor or editing service who wants to be included, please contact me either through Twitter or email me! I’m happy to update this list.

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