Wattpad Romance Favorites . . . so far!

I started writing on Wattpad to give myself a reason to stop making excuses for my lack of actual written work. I had no idea that it would take me as far as it has. I’ve made friends, gained the discipline to keep writing, and practiced my craft. I’ve even rediscovered the fun of making up stories from other author’s fictional work. I dare you to say to my face that Wattpad is a waste of time. So I’m going to introduce you to some of my Wattpad romance favorites.

I think the average person in the writing industry would be surprised at the level talent that can be found. Is the writing perfect? No. Can you find lots of really terrible writing? Oh, yes. I just love the challenge of find the gems among the rocks.

While the writing itself may be flawed, its usually because of inexperience or lack of education. In other words, there are lots of great ideas for stories in the hands of writers are still in their learning process. Wattpad is a great way to encourage someone to keep learning their craft. It offers not-ready-for-traditional-publishing level stories the immediate encouragement given by Wattpad‘s Reads, Voting, and Comments system.

So in that spirit, I want to showcase just a few of the really great stories I’ve come across so far. Since I like reading and writing in the romance genre, I’m starting out with fantastic examples of stories that were fun or had me reading early into the morning.

I have chosen to start with stories that have been designated Completed by their authors. There are few I’m reading that are still In Process, and am eagerly following to their conclusions. I may do this again when some of them are done.

Smitten Over Coffee by inkwellheart

Coffee is a staple in Flora’s life. Working with her flighty aunt at a flower shop and helping her geeky roommate sew elaborate costumes requires as much energy as she can acquire.

Julian can make a beautiful breakfast and sinfully delicious desserts. However, his inability to brew a proper cup of coffee and his weakness for sweets have him frequenting the Doki Doki Cafe nearly every day. That’s where they meet.

As the autumn season progresses, the paths of these two individuals continue to cross. Over cups of coffee and casual conversation, Flora and Julian develop a warm friendship. But they soon begin to wonder if it’s more than just the caffeine causing their to hearts race.

This cute little original novella one-off is the story of two lonely people who keep running into each other at their favorite coffee shop and love blooms. The characters, Flora and Julian, are such a pleasure to read. They’re realistic, funny and cute together. Inkwellheart makes sure to keep this a slow-burn so that the end of the story is adorably satisfying.

The Compromise by CourtneyPeterman0

Ellie Plymouth is desperate to get respect and Felix Howell is just trying to pass that one mistake of a class so he can go on to do what his father has always demanded of him. She’ll make sure he gets what he needs, all he has to do is this one little thing for her. Sometimes, compromises aren’t that easy. Especially with two evil step siblings hanging around, and feelings that neither of them counted on.

The author told me this had been a movie star/singer fan fiction that she retooled to be an original work. And it is a lovely enemies-to-lovers story about a nerd and the jock having to come to an agreement in order to get what they both want, and find love instead.

I’ll tell you – enemies-to-lover stories can be a challenge. How to get two people who really dislike each other, come from different backgrounds socially and ideologically and bring them together in a believable way is harder than it might seem. Courtney’s fantastic at this and her reasons for Ellie and Felix to fall in love doesn’t feel forced or rushed.

Tenacious Tulip by amys99999

Tulips are tenacious flowers that can thrive in adverse environments. They are one of the only flowers that continue to grow after their roots have been cut off. Jackie’s grandmother always called her a tenacious tulip.

For nearly ten years, Jackie Kohen has done what she can to forget Ben Reagan and the pain of his abrupt departure. She never thought she would get over him leaving her. But she did… sort of.

Jackie opened Tenacious Tulip, a flower shop that she has built into a successful enterprise. She has a moderately satisfying relationship with a successful doctor. Her life settled into a comfortable flow.

But now Ben is back. And with him has come unsettling events.

Jackie finds herself plagued with strange and terrifying occurrences that threaten her safety and her mindset. She wonders which man in her life is not who he appears to be.

She must figure out who she can trust and stop the incidents before her business is ruined or worse.

I’m, by my own admission, not a super huge fan of thrillers. But this story is equal parts mystery and lost-love romance. Amy had me guessing almost nearly to the end (not because it’s obvious who it is, just a few things clicked on for me about 2/3 of the way through). One of my favorite things about her main character, Jackie, is her determination that is somewhat tempered by insecurities that any woman fights against on a daily basis.

Haven by DarkLadyAthara

When a nameless man showed up in Iris’ doorway holding out the ad she’d placed looking for a new temporary tenant, he was nothing at all like anyone she’d ever encountered; he felt dangerous. But he also felt…lost. A part of her knew she should close the door in his face. But for some reason that didn’t stop her from handing him the key.

He was only looking for a place to lie low, a place to recover and start to regroup after what happened on the doomed Helicarrier. A temporary place where he could maybe begin to pull his shattered mind back together and begin to remember who he was…he’d been called Bucky?

What he didn’t anticipate was finding a haven in the skinny townhouse…and in her.

This is a Marvel fan fiction with Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier) as the love interest to the original character, Iris. Now, I can hear the scoffing in the background. But who better to write about a character than a fan? They know them inside and out because they’ve made a connection with the character and their story.

The one thing that stood out, besides the outstanding writing, is how Bucky (post-Captain America: Winter Soldier through the beginning of Captain America: Civil War) is portrayed. He’s confused, broken, and still trying to get out from under the brainwashing he’s been subjected to. Athara does a great job of depicting for us what that could be like. She also has a great character in Iris, writing her to be believably a character who would be one of the few people in that universe that understands the man under all the damage.

And that brings up the other point of this story – Athara doesn’t make it easy for Bucky or Iris in their coming-together, just as it would not be easy for a couple whose partner is dealing with symptoms of PTSD among other mental traumas.

So there you have it. Four fun reads on Wattpad for your perusing pleasure. Do you have a favorite Wattpad author or story? Make sure to share with the rest of us in the comments below or link them to me on my Twitter.


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