Coming Soon . . . Ophelia

I’m excited to announce that I have been working on a follow up novel to Sweetwater. The title is Ophelia. It follows what happens to Anna’s sister, Ophelia, during and after the events of Anna and Phillip’s story. I will start releasing episodes on the day after Valentine’s Day, February 15th.

I have to admit that I got really depressed when I finished Sweetwater. Anna and Phillip were so fun to write. And well, it’s hard not to just drool over spending most of your time with Phillip? (An upcoming blog post will be Meet the Character – Phillip – so be on the lookout). But the end of Sweetwater was the end of their story for me. I won’t say they rode off into the sunset with nary a problem for the rest of their lives. That’s unrealistic. But the day-to-day life just isn’t an interesting a story as when you’re in that first flush of love.

Thus, I went to my next favorite set of characters from Sweetwater – Ophelia and Justin. Ophelia has definitely been a fan favorite. She’s fun, spunky and is not afraid to speak her mind or tell people where to go. We got a hint at a possible romance with a character, Justin. Now I wanted to tell that story.

I wanted to tell the story from the Justin’s point of view, much for the same reason I told Sweetwater from Anna’s point of view. Phillip and Ophelia are people that feel things strongly. That makes their minds a little chaotic at times. And while I won’t shy away from a character who is intense, I found that writing from the straight man’s point of view allowed me to examine the actions of their foil where things they do may not always make sense from outside that chaos. A little mystery never hurt either. Could you guess what they will do in any given circumstances? Justin may not either.

P.S. I’ve been a little slacker. FanFic Fridays are still on. I’m a little behind since school started again so forgive the delay in the release of the latest episodes of Nico’s Gambit (SWTOR) and Free to Fly (Dragonriders of Pern).

Tell me what you think!