FanFiction Friday (12/13/19)

  • Change Date for Fanfiction releases on Wattpad
  • Dragonriders of Pern FanFiction
  • Upcoming FanFiction – Star Wars: The Old Republic game fiction
  • Upcoming Series for Saturdays

Day of the Week Change for FanFic

So my DRoP fanfic was being released on Wednesdays and then I ran into a snag with finals ending this week. But I found it was more fun to say FanFic Fridays so we’re going to go with that. Sweetwater will still be released on Saturdays as always. So –
Fridays: FanFic
Saturdays: Sweetwater.

This Weeks Dragonriders of Pern FanFic – Part 7

This week’s edition of ‘Free to Fly‘ is all about baby love. In Part 7, Missa, our favorite little crippled dragonrider, is learning that taking care of a baby roughly the size of a Great Dane presents some unique challenges, particularly because Apeth grows exponentially every day. Find out how she handles these new challenges and find out who her special visitor is to the weyr.

Upcoming FanFiction: Star Wars: The Old Republic

I have a few of these floating around half done and I’ve wanted to release them for a long time for the online MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game is set somewhere about 6000 years before the events of The Phantom Menace.

Nico’s Gambit‘ is set in the world of smugglers and swindlers. Nico Okarr is a world-famous gunslinger and smuggler. He’s always been a bit of a free-spirited flyboy but his whole world changes when after a gunfight with local gangsters on Nar Shaddaa, he adopts a lost little girl he calls Odette Lise.

But little girls don’t stay little, and Odette grows up to be as talented a smuggler and pilot as her father. She finds she has to take on more and more of the responsibilities to keep their little family’s business together as Nico falls deeper into his alcoholism.

Then she meets Corso Riggs, a farmboy from Ord Mantell. His sweet, optimistic charm belies a fury and passion she recognizes as being similar to her own. When a deal goes bad, Corso teams up with the Okarrs in an attempt to recoup their loses and assuage the fury of the famed gangster, Rogun the Butcher. But time is running out and Rogun’s goons are nipping at their heels everywhere they go.

They need to find the stolen goods, punish the dastardly Skavak for his double-cross, appease Rogun the Butcher, all the while keeping Nico out of cantinas and their hands off each other. It’s a tall order but one that’s just another day in the life of a smuggler.

I think I’ll give this story a test run today with releasing Chapter 1 with Part 7 of Free to Fly.

Upcoming Original Work

Sweetwater is really close to completion and so I wanted to let you know about some of the other projects I have in the works to take its place. They are all in different stages of development and it’s hard to decide which one to go with next.

  • Dark Mountain is a modern re-telling of Jane Eyre. Set in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Hana, a young paraplegic recently graduated from college, gets the job offer of a lifetime being the governess and nanny to a rich man’s autistic daughter. But things are not always as they appear on the outside, and a dark secret haunts the house and the growing attraction between Hana and her employer, David Kent. Will Hana find love with David despite her disability, or will the secrets he hides tear their love apart and destroy everything with it?
  • Ophelia, a companion book to Sweetwater, is the story of the title character and her love interest, Justin Wolfe. Ophelia sucks at love. Always the free spirit, she finds she herself always attracted to the wrong kind of man – this time with her married employer. But fate steps in when Phillip, her sister’s boyfriend, introduces her to Justin, a physician’s assistant he works with at the Veteran’s Administration. Told from Justin’s point of view, he must decide if his sincere affection and interest in Ophelia for who she truly is can overcome her penchant for choosing men she can never fix or have.
  • We Close Our Eyes – Twenty years ago, Ethan and Beth ran in the same circles. Ethan was a hard-working ladies man and Beth, a studious college student in a wheelchair. There was always an attraction between them that they never did anything about. Fast forward twenty years – Beth has just gone through a painful divorce from a husband that cheated on her with a much younger woman. Ethan, also divorced from his first wife, he finds endeavoring to juggle fatherhood and a crazy ex-wife an overwhelming challenge. When they chance to meet again after all that time, they find the spark is still there but old and new insecurities threaten to ruin what was once a wonderful friendship that had the potential for so much more. Will they be able to overcome their painful pasts to walk together into a brighter future or will the demons they fight overwhelm their burgeoning love?

I’m honestly curious about your opinions! Which one I should start next? Comment below, send me a Tweet, or leave a Wattpad Conversation!

Tell me what you think!